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The UCLA Clothesline Project is a non-partisan feminist student organization aiming to stop gender-based violence and other hate crimes. We strive to bring all oppressed people into full participation in the mainstream of American society through stopping the threat of sexual violence.

The UCLA Clothesline Project is a national project. It serves as a visual depiction of violence against women, bearing witness to this serious problem within our communities. The project consists of color-coded shirts created by sexual violence survivors and/or their significant others who have directly and personally experienced the effects of sexual violence.

The Clothesline will run in Schoenberg Quad Tues-Thurs, May 19-21 during Women for Change Week. The UCLA Clothesline Project will also be holding workshops/seminars during the Line. These workshops are generally no more than an hour long and designed for an intimate group of about a dozen people (give or take a few). They take place out on the grass in Schoenberg Quad, and their topics are in various ways relevant to the Line. Examples of past workshop topics are ways that men can fight sexual violence, domestic violence awareness/issues, campus safety/self defense, and healthy relationships& safe sex.